Garage Door Opener Repair & Radio Controls

Every day garage door openers are put through heavy use. Whether it be for residential or commercial use. Your garage door opener just like your garage door needs annual maintenance and a safety inspection. 

To guarantee your operator stays working properly. We recommend calling one of our knowledgeable and experienced service techs at Garage Door Solutions.

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Garage Door Remote Repair/Replacement

With the help of your garage door remote, you may easily open and close your garage door without using the doors manual operation. Yet, it might be annoying and unpleasant when the remote fails. 
To assist homeowners and maintaining the garage door opener system, Garage Door solutions provides expert garage door opener repair services. This includes from the smallest task of replacing batteries to foley replacing your garage door opener systems.

Garage Door Keypad Repair/Replacement

Don’t get locked out! Our experienced technicians at Garage Door Solutions can troubleshoot your existing keypad to see if it can be repaired or replaced. We can service all makes and models and have multiple options for you to choose from. 
Are experts can assist you in choosing the ideal option for your requirements and budget. Whether you need to upgrade your garage door opener system, or simply repair your existing one.

Contact Garage Door Solutions, Inc. if you are having problems with your garage door opener. We provide dependable and expert repair services along with affordable rates. We service and install all major brands for residential and commercial customers.


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