Broken Garage Door Spring

The garage door springs are a counterbalance to support the sections that raise and lower the door. Without correctly working springs, the door cannot be opened.

The springs are essential to ensuring that your garage door operates safely.  With time, the springs on your garage door become weaker and less effective in resisting gravity. If left untreated, the weakening springs will cause other issues that could render your door opener inoperable. In addition to weakening through time and repeated use, springs can distort and break.

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Types of Garage Door Springs

The springs in your garage door system may be torsion or extension.

The more expensive torsion spring system lasts longer. Most experts prefer torsion springs. These systems have horizontal garage door header springs—spring up when the door closes. The springs loosen and lift the door when it opens.

Extension spring systems are cheaper than torsion spring systems but last less because they are weaker. Extension springs cover upper tracks. This system uses spring-fed cables. The line attaches to the top and bottom of the track. Spring stretches when the door closes. The door opens when the spring contracts.

Call Garage Door Solutions for Broken Spring Repair

Since garage door springs are under enormous pressure, they can be highly hazardous and unsuitable for do-it-yourself repairs. For safety, contact Garage Door Solutions, Inc. in Chicagoland for broken spring repair if your garage door is not performing as well as it once did.

We will do an extensive system check. We know how to repair garage door springs and inspect other components for signs of wear. Even if your doors are functioning well, you should get them inspected annually to avoid a future disastrous failure and keep your system going efficiently for many years to come.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch with us using the details in form. We are happy to provide broken spring repair services for commercial and residential garage doors, and we would be happy to assist you.

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